12 Angry Men Analyze the film 12 Angry Men based on various Organizational Behavior theories and techniques. You may use the serial number of the jurors to refer to the. Specifically: a. Provide the brief synopsis of the film- as it relates to the following questions. b. Discuss the decision-making approach of a jury verdict. Also, discuss the advantages or disadvantages of the decision-making approach seen in the film. c. Discuss the various possible biases (at least 5) that were behind each of the juror’s decision- in the beginning, or later when they changed their votes. d. Using references to specific scenes from the movie, describes the leadership styles were seen in the film demonstrated by different individuals? e. Using references to specific scenes from the movie, describes the negotiation strategies that were employed by the single “not-guilty” voting juror (Henry Fonda) to change the decisions of all other jurors to not guilty? f. What are the tactics (bag of tricks) used by Henry Fonda to gain the support or confidence of other jurors? Some of the trivial things including a number of small intentional or unintentional, gestures could be considered as tricks that helped him influence others.

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