A 13-page report plus apa bib, organizational chart, and 23-slide MS PowerPoint presentation plus a 1 page apa bib in power point are required for the combination of Parts A, B, C, and D.) You are the Assistant Vice President of Carpetbagger’s Chemicals, a sixty-year-old company that provides chemicals used to create and install indoor and outdoor carpet. Your company has thrived on a “good old boy” network based on relationship selling and personal delivery using a fleet of company-owned, light-utility trucks driven by members of your sales force. Recently, your competition is threatening from several directions. Other chemical companies, using national and regional transportation carriers and Internet sales, are offering faster turn-around and lower prices. In addition, carpet made in Asia and Australia is gaining in popularity in the United States. Sales have been down for three years, and costs continue to rise. The board of directors of Carpetbagger’s Chemicals recently hired a new president to help turn the company around. He has determined that it is necessary to create radical change to make Carpetbagger’s Chemicals profitable again. These changes will ultimately affect the very culture of your organization. There are three (3) top priorities for the new president.

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